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We have the coolest traders and sellers!

We have the coolest traders and sellers!

The team from the Silomon fashion store in Norden simply drove a real quad into the shop for our quad winter campaign.

Directly in the entrance to the shop is a Yamaha Kodiak 450 quad bike, which now attracts even more men. "The interest in the quad campaign and the quad vehicle on display is huge," says Rainer Post from the men's department at the Silomon fashion store. "Many customers enter directly into the raffle for the winter quad action and also try on the Thermolite trousers straight away. The winter trousers have become a big seller in the last few days."
The cards for the Club of Comfort competition will be available in the branch until mid-November. The closing date for entries with the promotional cards is 15.11.2018.

A list of all other participating retailers can be found here (

If you want to visit the team at Silomon in Norden, this Sunday (21/10/2018) they are open for business from 1-6pm.

Whatever you do, have a relaxing weekend!