product benefits

 Each pair of CLUB OF COMFORT trousers offer following advantages:

• stretch fabric
• stretch waistband
• extra comfortable
• easy care
• dimensionally stable
• machine washable

Depending on the product CLUB OF COMFORT offers additional features that increase comfort:

Trousers with this symbol have been equipped non-iron through a particularly environmentally friendly process. Already after washing and drying the fabric shows low crease and is dimensionally stable, so that that ironing is unnecessary. This "ready to go" finish makes a positive impact in daily use because the crease susceptibility is minimized and the dimension stability is maintained. The equipment is also washable and dry cleanable.


Dark colors are known to absorb more heat than light in sunlight. coldblack® technology is a special treatment for textiles, which reduces the heating and also reliably protects against UV radiation. The coldblack® treatment is made entirely of "bluesign® approved" components. Thanks to the highest possible exclusion of critical substances "bluesign® approved" components are not dangerous to humans and the environment and promote a resource-saving production.

Coolmax® gives you a cool, dry and comfortable body temperature even on hot days. Through a special fiber, moisture is transported away from the body to the surface of the clothing, where it evaporates quickly. Thus the cooling effect is achieved. Your clothes simply dry faster - even after washing.

Smallest particles, which were applied on the texture, prevent that water, oil and dirt store on the surface and penetrate into the fiber. Therefore contaminations can simply be removed by dabbing with a cloth or be washed out easily, if dirt adheres to the tissue spaces. This feature can be renewed easily by ironing.

In the manufacture of trousers that bear this symbol only textiles and garments were used which have been proven to be free of harmful substances and which are certified in accordance with the strict guidelines of the German Oeko-Tex Standard 100. CLUB OF COMFORT® products with this label are certified under no. 04.0.0181 at the Hohenstein Resarch Institute with Oekotex Standard 100 ( and therefore offer a good skin tolerability and maximum wearing comfort.

Pima Cotton is classified as a luxury fiber because of their fiber fineness. It feels very soft on the skin and has a natural, silky gloss.


Safety pocket(s)
Trousers marked with this symbol, have one or more safety pockets. The pockets are always marked with a zipper and are located inside at the waistband and / or inside the front pocket, coin pocket or hip pocket.


Lycra xtra life

LYCRA® T400®
LYCRA® T400® stands for highly flexible and tear-resistant stretch fiber that dries three times faster than conventional materials. Thanks to a highly elastic recovery of the tissue, even after extended wear no dents appear (e.g. in the knee area).

At Thermolite® the case of heat regulation is similar to the polar bear: The heat is stored in hollow fibers and surrounds the body with a warm, insulating layer of air. The clou: Thermolite® quickly adapts to changing body reactions and to changing ambient temperatures. So you won’t experience the overheated or clammy feeling. Others freeze – you don’t!

 True Colour
Trousers with this reference have been enhanced with a lavish TRUE COLOUR process, which ensures lasting color stability and a high color brilliance. The intense color does not fade even after repeated washings and convinces like on the first day.



WINDBLOCKER provides perfect protection against the chilling wind (wind chill effect), because the material is completely windproof and highly breathable at the same time.