Exclusive men’s fashion with real added value

Exclusive men’s fashion with real added value

Our designers produce men’s fashion that makes a real difference! We manufacture stylish men’s trousers for every occasion, which not only convince visually and in terms of the choice of materials, but also guarantee maximum comfort. More and more enthusiastic customers are becoming “Club of Comfort addicted”.

Most of our pants are made of High-stretch fabric, which makes long business days, flights and the like much more relaxed.

Our collections include a large selection of urban streetwear, modern denim, business fashion in an exclusive wool look, pants made of luxury cord, supreme cotton and first-class functional wear with innovative climate control for the summer and winter seasons.

At the same time, we combine cutting-edge styles with ingenious features that you no longer want to be without. Your smartphone disappears safely in our patented mobile pocket, cash in sewn-in coin pockets or in a hidden saftey pocket. Integrated shirt stoppers and an elastic comfort waistband in each pair of pants make you worry-free.

Because we want our customers to enjoy every moment in a Club of Comfort trousers and enable them to focus on the essentials in a relaxed manner.

Try it out and experience the unique “Club of Comfort” feeling!