At a glance:

Club of Comfort product benefits

Every CLUB OF COMFORT trouser offers these advantages:

- Stretch fabric
- Elastic comfort waistband
- extra comfortable
- easy to clean
- Dimensionally stable
- machine washable

Depending on the product, CLUB OF COMFORT offers further functions that increase wearing comfort:


Highstretch trousers are much more elastic than conventional stretch trousers. The stretch is between 30 % and 45 %. Normal stretch fabrics are between 12 % and 18 %. Highstretch makes the trousers so particularly comfortable.


Thanks to a special technology, Coldblack fabric reduces heat build-up even in dark colours and reliably protects against UV radiation. This makes it possible to wear long, dark trousers even in summer. The technology is harmless to people and the environment and conserves resources.


Trousers with Coolmax technology have a climate-regulating effect and ensure that the body does not overheat even in high summer temperatures. Moisture and sweat are wicked away much faster than with conventional fabrics and the fabric is very breathable.


Trousers with this mark have been made exclusively from textiles and materials tested for harmful substances and certified according to the strict guidelines of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Therefore, the trousers also have good skin compatibility.


LYCRA® T400® is a highly stretchable and tear-resistant stretch fibre. This fibre dries three times faster than conventional fabric. Even when worn for long periods, the fabric does not bulge, for example in the knee area.


The windblocker protects the body from cooling down in strong winds. This material is absolutely windproof and yet highly breathable.


Pima cotton belongs to the luxury fabrics due to its extremely fine fibres. The cotton feels particularly soft and has a silky sheen.


Thermolite® fabrics ensure that the body does not cool down. Body heat is stored in hollow fibres and surrounds the body with a warm, insulating layer of air. The fabric adapts to changing ambient temperatures so that the body does not overheat either.


Trousers with this fabric are extremely elastic and bring even more feeling of relaxation when worn. Thanks to the special Lycra dual-FX® technology in the elastane thread, the fabric remains very elastic and dimensionally stable even when heavily stretched. This is made possible by the very high elastic recovery of the fibres. This is especially important for light summer trousers with thinner fabrics and a special quality feature in the current collection!


CERA FRESH is the name for a special cotton fabric that contains the finest ceramic particles. Thanks to the special CERA FRESH finish, the fabric of the trousers with CERA FRESH has a cooling effect and keeps heat away from the body. The CERA FRESH coating is on the inside of the trousers and is wash-resistant. The fabric is breathable and easy to care for at the same time.


The fabric of these trousers is bi-elastic, which means that it is stretchable in both the transverse and longitudinal directions. This makes the trousers comfortable all around with every movement. At the same time, the fabric is particularly dimensionally stable and does not stretch out.


Trousers made of Cosy Cotton offer pure wearing pleasure. An extremely soft fabric back makes them very comfortable and cosy to wear. In addition, the fabric has a heat-retaining capacity and offers wind-breaking effects. At the same time, the fabric remains breathable and has a temperature-balancing effect.


Techno Mix stands for trousers in a wool look that have a temperature-regulating effect thanks to the Ceramica content and are also crease-resistant and easy to iron.


Trousers from Supreme Denim are made from high-quality denim fabrics that sit very comfortably thanks to the spandex content and at the same time offer the quintessential jeans look.


Supreme Cotton trousers are made from a high-quality and particularly fine cotton blend fabric. The elastane content ensures an incomparably comfortable feel.


Thanks to a special fabric construction, trousers made of jogg denim are very similar to jersey + super soft, dimensionally stable and maximally elastic. Nevertheless, they retain the look of real denim quality. The perfect trousers for a relaxed attitude to life.

denim-linen mix

Trousers made from this fabric offer the perfect mix of a pithy denim look and the relaxed lightness of linen fabrics. The elastane content offers a wearing comfort that pure linen fabric does not have. The very high air permeability makes this fabric ideal for light summer trousers and sunny days.


Luxury Cord stands for noble and kettelastic corduroy fabric that is pleasantly soft to the touch and at the same time offers a masculine look. Trousers with this corduroy fabric have a very high colour brilliance and are more durable and dimensionally stable than ordinary corduroy.

Linen-cotton mix

A sophisticated linen-cotton mix made from an elastic fabric. Thanks to the linen content, the fabric offers high air permeability. The cotton version for hot summer days.