Sustainability. For us, this is not just a buzzword but a corporate principle.

Club of Comfort Sustainability Report 2020The apparel industry is subject to constant change. Increasing globalisation and a comprehensive structural change are among the central challenges of the present. Shrinking sales markets, dynamic customer behaviour, an increasing verticalisation of trade and an expansion of online business further accelerated by the Corona pandemic are the central drivers of change. In addition, there are worldwide political, economic and climatic changes that affect the framework conditions within which entrepreneurial activity takes place. In addition to the pandemic, climate change should be mentioned here, which is directing society's focus more strongly towards the issue of sustainability. The guiding principle of sustainability calls for a social development that is ecologically compatible, socially just and economically efficient.






Certificate resources SAVED 2021Hinrichs Bekleidungswerk GmbH faces these challenges and takes responsibility for the future. Today, this means first and foremost doing business sustainably. Economy, production and consumption must not take place at the expense of the next generation. Sustainable products should be produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

As a family-run, medium-sized company in the clothing industry with our own European production, we set the course for sustainable production at an early stage. For example, raw materials are mainly sourced in Europe, almost all textile goods are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and country-specific labour, social and environmental standards are complied with. In principle, we are already in a good position, but we can and want to do better! The way to achieve this is marked and already underway.


With this report, we would like to inform you transparently about the status quo as well as about the formulated goals and measures for sustainability.