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The new trousers collection for spring/summer 2022 - Out now!

CLUB OF COMFORT- perfect trousers for Spring & Summer 2022

New year, new trends: Find out here which trouser trends will dominate men's fashion in spring/summer 2022 and are among the absolute must-haves:

Naturalness, lightness and softness - high-quality materials with feel-good factor

More lightness, relaxation and even more wearing comfort are the big trend themes in men's fashion 2022.  Our trouser collection for spring/summer 2022 therefore focuses on lightweight and innovative fabrics that offer real added value in the warm months. 

Trend Colours 2022

In terms of colour, you can expect a natural and lively colour range that covers everything a man should have in his wardrobe for summer 2022, from soft natural tones and subtle pastels to bold, intense colours and trendy summer shades. In addition to blue tones and essentials such as midnight black, anthracite and grey, trend colours such as palm green, olive, coral red, azure blue or banana yellow will set real fashion accents this year.

Material diversity and innovative fabric technologies

The collection framework is defined by an enormous variety of materials from flat and structured cotton, performance fabrics, cotton mix qualities, including linen and Tencel®, jersey, woollooks & wool, and a large selection of denims.

Our CLUB OF COMFORT® product promise of "Leading Comfort by Technology" is not only compulsory? The stretch features of the trousers, but also many special models with patented technologies such as Lycra-Dual FX ®, Coolmax®, Coldblack ®, Dyneema ® and Co. are fulfilled and can be experienced. New with us since 2021 and back in 2022 is our Cycle Denim Henry 7520, made of particularly elastic and hard-wearing denim. 

Modern fits and figure-hugging silhouettes

Body-hugging silhouettes remain a big theme in men's trousers for summer 2022. Our model range extends from Swing and Five Pockets to Chinos and utility cargos, through to essential beach and city-appropriate Bermuda shorts.  

We are responding to the desire for narrower foot widths and are starting here with foot widths of 36 for some trousers, thus offering even more different fits than before.

Special product recommendations for the 2022 summer collection from the Club of Comfort team

  • Airy summer trousers in a cotton/linen mix:  GARVEY 7512 and the CARNO 7513
  • Cotton trousers in strong summer colours: e.g. GARVEY + HENRY 5107, GARVEY 6701
  • The Cycle Denim with Coolmax® EcoMade for cyclists: HENRY 7520
  • A light pair of woollook trousers for your business day: e.g. PHIL 7532


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