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The best cycling shorts since jeans have been around!

With our new Cycle Denim Henry 7411, a real club-of-comfort innovation is once again moving into the stores of the specialist retailers! 

Cycling is in vogue - more and more people are switching to bicycles in the city or using this environmentally friendly means of transport on their way to work. 

In line with this positive trend, our designers have now developed a pair of jeans that meet the special demands of cyclists without having to sacrifice the stylish look of modern men's trousers. 

Take your cycling look to a new style level with the Cycle Denim Henry 7411.

Thanks to an innovative fabric blend, the fabric of the new Cycle Denim is significantly more durable and hard-wearing than that of conventional men's jeans.

This is made possible by a 6 percent Dyneema® blend in our popular high-stretch jeans fabric. Dyneema® is the brand name of a highly modulated polyethylene fibre that has tremendous tensile strength values while allowing for comfortable and stretchy fabrics. 

When we explain that the tensile strength values of this special Dyneema® fibre are up to 15 times higher than steel, you get a first idea of what this means for the durability of heavily used cycling shorts. 

Our first Cycle Denim customers are thrilled. The rapid wear and tear of normal jeans from frequent cycling is history with these new cycle jeans. And for all fashion-conscious men who don't want to wear sports cycling trousers all the time, Cycle Denim is a real gamechanger!

Now available at your local Club of Comfort dealer: the new Club of Comfort cycling jeans.

The Cycle Denim Henry 7411 is not only technically innovative because of its special fabric blend. The trousers also score points with cycling fans for their practical and intelligent features. These include:

  • Sewn-in reflectors on the inner hem of the trousers and on the back pocket
  • A key carabiner
  • The patented Club of Comfort smartphone pocket sewn into the trouser pocket for safe and comfortable storage of the smartphone.

Further plus points of the Henry 7411 are also the elastic comfort waistband, as well as the double shirt stopper. 

These jeans are dimensionally stable, washable and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. These Club of Comfort trousers are made exclusively in Europe. 

Ask your Club of Comfort dealer now about the new Cycle Denim Henry 7411 and see for yourself!

When you buy a Cycle Denim, many of our retail partners will now give you a reflective saddle protector for your bike for free!

(*While stocks last and only at participating retailers!)

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