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Blogger visit to the
Club of Comfort® Headquarters

Comfortable trouser fashion from the heart of East Frisia

We had a distinguished visitor at our company headquarters in Großefehn in East Frisia! Achim Fischer, the founder and owner of the blog and Instagram account @schoenesostfriesland, was our guest and got an exclusive tour of our flagship store, the history exhibition and our huge men's trousers warehouse. 

Achim Fischer

Professional photographer and Ostriesland blogger

Mr Fischer blogs about the beautiful sides and special features of East Frisia, is a professional photographer and has gathered a considerable following of almost 27,000 followers on his Instagram account. (as of June 2021)

As a passionate East Frisian by choice, he portrays the region and now also presents well-known East Frisian companies on his blog. We are grateful that, with CLUB OF COMFORT® were allowed to kick off his new company portraits. 

Tradition and technology

Club of Comfort was founded almost 70 years ago by Johann Hinrichs in the middle of East Frisia and even today we are very proud of these roots and have therefore deliberately remained at this location. Johann Hinrichs was a true pioneer of men's fashion and laid the foundation stone at a young age for what is now known as CLUB OF COMFORT.® internationally successful fashion company. It is now run in the second generation by Herbert and Wilfried Hinrichs, the sons of our company founder.

The new trouser designs are also created and practical features developed at our headquarters in Großefehn. To this end, our designers are constantly on trend research and are always looking for new, innovative materials and clever ideas for our comfort trousers, all of which deliver real added value. Always committed to making our slogan "Leading Comfort by Technology" a tangible experience for you via the technologically advanced product. For example, we have developed the unique "Mobile Pocket" as an extra pocket for your smartphone, which can be found in every 5-pocket. Trousers made of special materials, e.g. Coolmax, are also available.® and Coldblack® climate-regulating properties inspire our customers. And there is always at least stretch in the fabric to ensure that every CLUB OF COMFORT®-trousers fit into your active life.

Our trousers are manufactured exclusively in Europe. The goods are shipped to our many retail partners and to the end customers who buy directly from our online shop from our headquarters in East Frisia all over the world. 

Highlight Flagship Store

During his visit, we told blogger Achim Fischer about the company's long history and its development into today's internationally renowned men's trousers brand CLUB OF COMFORT.® and gave him many insights behind the scenes. 

Mr Fischer was impressed by our new flagship store, the historical exhibits from the founding period and our extensive, well-stocked trouser warehouse. Of course, our guest also took home a pair of trousers from our collection as a sample to wear. 

Flagship store

Club of Comfort in Großefehn

You can see the great photos and videos that Mr Fischer captured during his visit with us on his Instagram account @schoenesostfriesland View. He also wrote a great report in which he describes how he experienced the visit to CLUB OF COMFORT.® and what he particularly liked about it. Also on Facebook and on his homepage www.schoenesostfriesland.d e you will find an article about his visit with us.



Of course, Mr Fischer has also captured a few beautiful tourist impressions of Großefehn and invites all East Frisia fans to explore this beautiful place on their next trip!

Maybe now you'll want to visit us on your next holiday in East Frisia, take a shopping tour through our flagship store and find out what's behind the CLUB OF COMFORT trousers.® is?

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