Club of Comfort - Backstage

Backstage Story - The fashion studio of Club of Comfort

Where are the looks of tomorrow actually created? Today we have an exciting insight into the work of the fashion designers at Club of Comfort. Hildegard Wendling runs the studio together with the company's managing director and took a few photos of her workplace for you.

However, the development of new trouser cuts does not start here, but on her many journeys through Germany and Europe. Because before a new collection is created in the studio, inspiration is first collected and new trends are tracked down.

For example, in Florence, a very important fashion city. The design team also visits lots of fabric and fashion fairs. Back in the studio, the impressions and ideas are recorded on so-called mood boards before the actual cutting work begins on the PC.

To this end, countless fabric samples are viewed, the first trouser models are sewn for testing, tried on by colleagues and revised before a new trouser cut finally gets the official "go" for the next Club of Comfort collection.

For Wendling, the creative work as a fashion designer is a real dream job and every time she sees men wearing "her" trousers in the city, she feels proud and satisfied.

Narrow trouser cuts in high-stretch fabrics are particularly popular with men right now and this will continue, says Wendling. A hot candidate for the new autumn trend could be the casual drawstring model, which you can already find in the new Club of Comfort catalogue.

And while we're sweating in the sun, the Club of Comfort design team is already working on the models for the 2019/2020 winter collection.

Which cuts and colours do you find coolest? We look forward to your feedback in the comments!