No matter how long your flight takes ...

Take off and then really relax. The airports are full and for
For many, a long-distance trip is simply part of the summer holiday experience.
to be able to switch off.

The Germans' favourite destinations in 2018 are Majorca (1st place), Thailand (2nd place), Istanbul (3rd place), New York (4th place) and Los Angeles (5th place) (result of a recent study by the flight portal

But long-haul flights in particular can be a real challenge: seats that are too narrow, no freedom of movement, no peace and quiet to sleep in.

In HIGHSTRETCH trousers, the flight to your holiday is much more relaxed because they are much more elastic than trousers with conventional stretch fabrics.

For comparison: normal stretch trousers have an elasticity of 12- 18 %, HIGH-STRTECH articles create elasticities of over 30% up to 45%. Travelling couldn't be more comfortable.

We wish all holidaymakers who are just taking off a great time!