The Smartpocket

"Relaxed is ... when you don't have to worry about your smartphone anymore."

Today, almost nothing works without a smartphone. If it gets lost, many panic. Club of Comfort has developed trousers with a special SMART POCKET so that this doesn't happen in the first place and iPhone and co. can be stored inconspicuously and above all safely.

This is a sewn-in security pocket for smartphones that is barely visible from the outside. This pocket has been integrated into the right front trouser pocket and lies slightly lower below the base of the leg, so that it does not interfere or pinch even when sitting down.

Our SMART POCKET is designed in such a way that you can quickly hide your smartphone in your clothes and take it out again with a small vertical hand movement. This simply makes you more relaxed when you're out and about and you always have your smartphone at the ready, whether you're at a long business conference, cycling or skating in your free time or at a concert.

The SMART POCKET is patented and is only available in Club of Comfort trousers.

You can find them in our catalogue under the 5 Pocket models!