Stay relaxed in the sun with Coldblack

Do you love dark colours and don't want to give up your usual style in summer? No problem: Club of Comfort has developed trousers with COLDBLACK-Sun Reflector.

Normally, dark and black clothing is automatically warmer. Fabric treated with COLDBLACK behaves differently in sunlight and heats up much more slowly than conventional dark fabrics.

This is because we can influence the absorption of the sun's rays with a special treatment of the tissue.

And this is how it works:
Solar rays contain visible and invisible light, in the form of infrared rays. Normal black fabric absorbs both and thus heats up quickly. COLDBLACK fabric, on the other hand, blocks the invisible infrared wave and virtually throws the infrared rays back instead of absorbing them.

In a pair of COLDBLACK trousers, this makes it much more comfortable and no problem to sit relaxed in the sun, whether in summer, late summer or autumn.

The heavy sweating in normal dark clothing is now a thing of the past.
COLDBLACK also protects you from UV radiation.

Our trousers have at least UV protection factor 30, and thus protect from the sun in the same way as sun creams with this factor.

And with us, the darker and firmer the coldblack fabric, the greater your UV protection. So you don't have to miss out on your favourite style on sunny days.